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Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
The Archdiocese of Portland includes all of western Oregon from the summit of the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean, and from Washington to Californian.  It includes 124 parishes and 22 missions, with a Catholic population of 412,725. The Archdiocese was created in 1846, and is the second oldest archdiocese in the United States.

Archdiocese Pastoral Council
The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council advises the Archbishop about the pastoral ministry and apostolic work of the Archdiocese.  Each parish is represented on the Council through the Area Vicariate representative.

Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good
MACG is a membership organization of churches, synogogues, labor unions and cummunity groups which organizes to effect systemic change.  It oranizes for social change.

NE Vicariate
The parishes of the Archdiocese are grouped into clusters to facilitate common planning. St. Andrew belongs to the NE Vicariate alon with St. Charles, St Rose, Our Lady of Lavang, the Madeleine, Immaculate Heart, Holy Redeemer, Holy Cross, St. Stanislaus and Holy Rosary.  Representatives of the Pastoral Councils meet one a year; pastoral staffs meet about five times a year.